About Horizon Buying Group

Founded July 1, 2017 Horizon Buying Group is a business support solution for small to mid-size independent Foodservice Equipment and Supply Dealers. We unite Dealer Members from across the country, creating a team that is committed to one another and the mutual success of all. Operating under the tenants of transparency and trust, we are dedicated to securing quality programs for our Dealers while promoting our Manufacturer Partners, helping them to increase market share. Beyond competitive manufacturer programs, Horizon supports its members with an online database of essential information, ongoing Dealer sales training, printed flyers, flip books, industry white papers, webinars, and a social media portfolio with content for Dealers and their customers.


To promote the growth of Independent Foodservice Equipment & Supply Dealers, while supporting our Manufacturer Partners and strengthening our industry as a whole.


Horizon Buying Group collaborates with our Manufacturer Partners to provide services and support for our Dealer Members, helping them to be competitive in their market. We create a positive working environment and operate with transparency to build a win-win-win model that benefits everyone.


For anyone to benefit, Everyone must participate.